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Oregon Department of Transportation

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Special Errands

Overloaded with errands? We’ll take care of them. Sparky’s Express Delivery is detail oriented, cheerful, fast paced and focused. Our job and specialty is to make sure that your life is made easier.

Sparky’s Express Delivery helps you with your errands. Taking care of the little things in life which may not be worth your gas and time to run around town looking for a parking space or standing in line. It’s like having a part time personal assistant, but without the expensive bill.

Your day starts early and is full of obligations to work, family and friends making it difficult to accomplish all of your everyday tasks. We can change that by providing quality services and managing your errands allowing you to enjoy more of your day. You could be doing what you want. Whether it be relaxing, working or playing - you will be free from whatever is holding you down.

We realize that you deserve a break from the "extras" in life sometimes.

 ■ Dept. of Motor Vehicles

 ■ Drug Store Shopping

 ■ FedEx or USPS Shipping

 ■ Gifts or Gift Basket Delivery

 ■ Grocery Shopping and Delivery

 ■ Luggage or Backpack Transport

 ■ Merchandise Returns/Exchanges

 ■ Paperwork or Documents

 ■ Post Office - Mail or Packages

 ■ Prescriptions or Medical Supplies


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